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Darth Vader Coloring pages

Today we continue the series of coloring pages from the Star Wars universe, the next in line is the main villain – this is Darth Vader. Let’s go to print and paint our hero. 🙂

Anakin Skywalker, much better known as Darth Vader, is the central character of the Star Wars Universe, the protagonist of the Star Wars movie epic. Antagonist of the fourth and fifth films. The secondary protagonist of the sixth film.

Appearance (in suit with mask and helmet)
Like traditional Sith armor, Darth Vader’s armor was made formidable and intimidating. His helmet is a perfectly polished inverted black cone with a cut out front to reveal his “face.” The helmet had a protruding ridge that ran along the helmet from the space between the eyes to the back of the head. There it merged with durasteel and obsidian of the helmet itself. Two less prominent ridges curved over the eyes of Darth Vader’s mask to accentuate them. The helmet was worn over the mask.

Breathing mask half hides Darth Vader’s head. The top of the mask is crowned with a circular connector: several identical squares around a silvery disc. Several holes were made in the disc as it served as the interface between the helmet and the mask. There were wires around the invisible part of the mask, which was hidden under the helmet. In addition, there were four red lattice squares under the mask, which were accentuated by interlacing of yellow wires. The “face” of the breathing mask was angular, with two ridges above the eyes, matching the ridges of the helmet. The eyes were bulging and large. The front of the mask was made of a shiny and blacker material than the back, which was slightly more elastic. The serrated nose of the mask was lost among the large eyes, but then suddenly changed into a design resembling a caricature of a nose. The cheekbones of the mask were square, angular, and curved to connect to the base of the “nose.” This base is the only non-black element in the entire mask. This silvery piece was in the shape of a semi-oval. From below, a triangular lattice departed from it, which served as an air filter and gave the mask a strong resemblance to a skull.

A mechanized collar was located around Darth Vader’s neck, tilted in front and aligned with the mask with the edge of a triangular lattice. The back, which ended below the base of the neck, was riddled with metal screws and connectors. The front part was flanked by two tubes. They followed the edge of the mask to the base of the triangular lattice. At the top of the front of the collar were the connectors from which the wires ran to the back of the mask.

Before becoming a Sith
Darth Vader’s shoulder pads and chestpiece are one piece and protect the upper torso. Gray durasteel material with vertical black stripes. Around the neck of the breastplate was a black chain, and a long, non-falling black cloak was attached to the upper seams of the armor. From under Vader’s shoulder pads began a black cape, which was open in front and reached the knees.

In addition, Darth Vader wore a padded and ribbed jumpsuit that concealed everything below the neck. This pliable quilted armor was explosion resistant. He wore black gloves, the right one was a Mandalorian gauntlet worn over Lord Kaan’s indestructible Sith amulet. Around the abdominal space, he wore a powerful plastoid belt that reliably protected his internal, organic and synthetic organs. Darth Vader’s solar plexus had a chest panel. With its help, many of the life-supporting functions of the suit were regulated. The panel had three indicators and several rectangular buttons. On a black belt worn over a cloak, there were three boxes in front. the middle one contained a silver mechanism, and the other two were symmetrical panels with several green, yellow and gray buttons. The Dark Lord’s shiny black off-road combat boots were protected by durasteel leggings fastened to the sides of the foot.

Even though Vader was once the kind and just Anakin Skywalker, the man known as Darth Vader was evil personified. Darth Vader was a cruel, vindictive, purposeful, emotionless and power-hungry man, obsessed with the desire for total control over everyone. After accepting the title of lord, he turned into a cruel and merciless dark ruler, who does not forgive other people’s mistakes and uses all means to achieve his devilish goals. He craved power, fulfilled every whim of the Emperor, and knew no compassion or forgiveness.

However, Vader was an honest player, not devoid of principles, morality and the concept of honor, and in this incredibly evil man there was still a glimmer of good, the light with which Luke Skywalker returned his father.

Darth Vader also possessed an extraordinary intellect, and was gifted in terms of exact sciences (such as mathematics, physics, mechanics, as well as military sciences).