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Tennis coloring pages

Today we will again touch on the sports theme. This time we will present you a collection of tennis coloring pages. Every boy and girl knows about the game of tennis, sports channels widely cover this game. For every boy, perhaps an idol is Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal, and for girls, of course, the Williams sisters. Let’s go.

Interesting facts about tennis.
The youngest female tennis player ever Olympic champion was American Jennifer Capriati, just under 16 when she won the 1992 Games in Barcelona in singles.

The homeland of tennis, to which we are so accustomed now, can be considered England, where the Wimbledon tournament has been held since 1877. Although the history of tennis is not entirely transparent, it is believed that the rules of tennis were invented by the officer of the English army Walter Wingfield in 1873. He patented tennis, hoping to profit from it, but in vain. Although Wingfield stated that he used the principles of the ancient Greek ball game in tennis, researchers believe that he simply combined the rules of popular English games, such as badminton and squash.

Oddly enough, but the score in tennis is not quite the usual way: zero, fifteen, thirty and forty. Why are these numbers used? According to legend, at the beginning of the emergence of the game, the score was kept by the clock and each point was marked on the dial by moving the arrow by a quarter of a turn. Over time, forty-five transformed into forty for convenience.

There is another explanation as well. According to him, in medieval France and Germany there were already betting and playing for money, including tennis. Laws, for example, in Germany, prohibited rates over 60 dinars. So they bet for one game up to 60 permitted dinars, and since the coins that were in use at that time had a value of 15 dinars, it turned out just 15 for each point. And another legend says that in the 19th century, English ships, during a salute, first fired from 15-pound guns on the main deck, then from 30-pound guns on the middle deck, and only after that a shot was heard from the heaviest 40-pound guns on the lower deck of the ship.