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Roller Skate coloring pages

Today we paint roller skates, like to roller skate then forward.

Roller skating uses 90% of the body, which brings great health benefits. Perhaps only horse riding can become a competitor to roller skates. Horseback riding around the city is not available to everyone, but rollerblading is available to any of us.

When rollerblading, the lower body works actively: calves, muscles of the lower leg and thighs. In practice, such muscular work will make you more resilient and more beautiful: the relief of the legs and the back of the thigh will tighten, and if an ostrich chases after you, you will have a chance to escape from it.

Physiologically, while rollerblading, arms, shoulder muscles and the entire upper body are actively involved in the work. Such light but constant torso twists help to reduce upper body mass, strengthen the muscles of the back, arms and abs. Keep in mind that it is dangerous to wave your arms while on the rollers, if you do not do it correctly, you can fall. Chaotic hand swings when you first got on the rollers, part of instinct, and lead to falling on your back and head, be careful!

The corset muscles of the whole body are definitely strengthened, the human cardiovascular system is strengthened, and a lot of endorphins are released. Roller skating loads help you lose weight easily and quickly. Even if this is your first time getting on the rollers and you cannot yet ride with the breeze and intensity, static work during training consumes about 300 kcal per 30 minutes of training. The higher the level of riding, the riding speed, the more calories a person spends. It is believed that roller skating promotes rapid weight loss even better than the classic running, walking, jumping rope. Especially if you add proper nutrition to roller skating.

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