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Nissan 370z coloring pages

Today we have on our coloring another legend of the 2000s from sports cars, this is the Nissan 370z, the boys of those years remember this model very well, now they are already parents themselves and therefore they will be happy to help their children paint the 370z model. Let’s go friends!

Let’s talk a little about the Nissan 370z model.

Nissan 370Z debuted back in 2009, however, at the moment, its first restyling, presented to the general public at the Chicago Motor Show in 2013, is relevant. It will not be difficult to distinguish the new product from its predecessor, it has stylish elongated L-shaped headlights with lensed optics. The front of the car is streamlined, the gaze can only catch on a couple of small vertical garlands along the edges of the front bumper and a small air intake. It is covered with a thin plastic lattice made of vertical and horizontal ribs intersecting at right angles. All in all, despite its character, the coupe looks understated, with no flashy aerodynamic elements or sculpted ribs on the body panels typical of sports cars.
The Nissan 370Z is a front engine, two-door, two-seat coupe. Its overall dimensions are: length 4250 mm, width 1845 mm, height 1310 mm, wheelbase 2550 mm, and the ground clearance is 125 millimeters. Such clearance is typical of sports cars. Thanks to their low center of gravity, they have excellent road holding, are less prone to roll over and are able to handle the steepest turns.

The trunk of the Nissan 370Z cannot boast of a large volume, only 235 liters of free space. This is quite enough for the everyday tasks of a city dweller, but any larger cargo can become an overwhelming task.

Nissan 370Z has a classic layout, it has a front longitudinal engine arrangement, rear-wheel drive and two transmission options to choose from: a six-speed manual or a seven-speed automatic. These units are quite versatile and will suit many fans of thrill behind the wheel.

The engine of the Nissan 370Z is a large V-shaped gasoline naturally aspirated six with a volume of 3696 cubic centimeters. The good displacement and four overhead camshafts allowed the engineers to squeeze out 331 horsepower at 7000 rpm and 366 Nm of torque at 5200 crankshaft rpm. With such a herd under the hood, the coupe accelerates from zero to a hundred in 5.3 seconds, and the top speed, in turn, will be 250 kilometers per hour. Automatic versions accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour 0.3 seconds slower. The fuel consumption of the Nissan 370Z will be 15.4 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers at an urban pace with frequent acceleration and braking, 7.8 liters during a measured trip on a country road and 10.6 liters of fuel per hundred in the combined cycle.