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Hockey coloring pages

Hockey is a real man’s game. I remember how I watched the game of hockey with great interest with my father. We are glad to present you a small collection of coloring pages for this sport. Let’s not waste time and get started 🙂

There are many moments for which we love this sport. Hockey is fun to play and has some pretty funny twists.

Here are 5 fun facts you’ve probably never heard of.

1. When a game similar to hockey was just in its infancy, a frozen cow cake was used as a puck.

2. Today, ice hockey pucks are frozen before play to prevent them from bouncing during play.

3. The Pittsburgh penguins once had a live penguin as a mascot. His name was Slapshot Pete.

4. After winning the Stanley Cup in 1924, the Montreal Canadiens players drove away with a trophy in the trunk of one of their cars. On the way, a tire burst and they laid out the Cup to get a spare tire. After the replacement, they forgot it in the snow. Later that night, they remembered for him and returned to the place of their stop. Fortunately, the cup was still where they left it!

5. Each member of the Stanley Cup team gets their own cup day. Many champions have taken part in the tradition of filling the Cup with food. Some of the foods that were eaten from the Goblet are cereals, meatballs, chicken wings, pudding, and ice cream.