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Golf coloring pages

Today we have sports coloring pages, it’s time to play golf 🙂 Golf is a centuries-old sport played by millions of people around the world. As a father of two children, I am very pleased to watch golf on TV, children are also interested in watching how far the ball flies or how exactly the ball hits the hole. And so let’s go guys.

Golf is a sports game in which individual participants or teams compete, driving a small ball into special holes with club strikes, trying to cover the allotted distance in the minimum number of strokes. The rules make up a hefty volume and can be found on specialized sites. The game has 3 principles: Play the field as it is, play the ball as it lies, and if neither is possible, do justice.

Some ocean liners with golf courses use German balls made from compressed fish feed – this is how the players care about the environment, because often the balls fly off the field, in this case – overboard.

Fishes are not the only ones to get the balls flying away. In Canada, squirrel theft of balls has become a problem. I think they mistake them for big nuts. It’s a shame that animals end up having to be disappointed. Can I start making balls from pressed nuts? 🙂