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Winter Coloring Pages

Winter is a wonderful magical time of the year. Despite the cold that she brings, winter gives a lot of joy to children and opens up a lot of opportunities. Let’s tell the children what winter is and how nature, the weather changes, what to do at this time of the year with the help of coloring pages on our website.

How the weather changes in winter
Winter brings cold and snowstorms with it. Most days of winter, the sun hides behind thick gray clouds. Snow is falling from the sky, covering everything around with a white blanket. Rivers, lakes and small streams are frozen and covered with a layer of ice.
Sometimes, when the air warms up a little more, the sun peeps out, then a thaw sets in. This time is especially loved by kids, because the snow becomes soft and sticky, you can play snowballs or make a snowman.

Usually, a thaw often occurs at the end of winter, when the snow begins to melt from the roofs during the day, but at night it freezes and turns the merry drops into icicles. Also, at night, the water that forms on the windows overnight turns into incredible frosty patterns.

Winter is first of all snow … Seeing stunningly beautiful snowflakes, a child has a lot of questions about what it is and how it turns out. There is a very easy answer for such a case. We already know everything about the water cycle in nature, but the child needs to explain this …

Water gradually evaporates from puddles, seas, lakes, rivers and oceans and rises up, where, under the influence of temperature, it cools, groups and turns back into water. If the temperature is very low, it is very cold outside, then the droplets freeze and fall to the ground in the form of snowflakes. These magical white crystals of snow melt, evaporate, rise upward, and the water cycle in nature starts up again. Despite the fact that snow is frozen water, it is better not to eat it, as it tends to collect dust and dirt, especially in a modern metropolis.