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Lily Coloring Pages

Lilies, lilies, beautiful flowers. My son knows that his mother loves lily very much, and wants to give them exactly for the holiday. Today we will paint these beautiful flowers, meet the coloring of lilies.

Lilies are very beautiful but ambiguous flowers. Someone admires them, someone cannot stand their smell. But florists have a special account of these plants. Delicate inflorescences are actively used to decorate special events, create elegant compositions.
Here are some facts about lilies.
In France, the fleur-de-lis is the national emblem. There is still no consensus on where this image came from on the old French coat of arms.
In Rome, a flower means wealth, luxury and belonging to a special social position. In ancient Italy, wreaths woven of lilies were placed on the heads of newlyweds to keep the family strong and financially prosperous.
But in Germany, the white lily is a symbol of death, so the Germans are wary of these plants.
In China, lilies were called injured feet of women who wore special shoes. When walking, they swayed from side to side so as not to fall – this resembled the movement of a flower on which the wind was blowing.