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Maracas Coloring Pages

So the turn came to a very exotic musical instrument – maracas. Yes, yes, today we will paint maracas, do not forget the markers and caracas. Lets’s go.

Maracas are a percussion-noise instrument, a symbol of Latin American music. Maracas are one of the oldest musical percussion-noise instruments that produce a characteristic rustling sound when shaken. Cuba is considered the birthplace of maracas. It is here that iguera trees grow, from the fruits of which this instrument is made. Two small holes are drilled in the peel, through which all the pulp is removed and small pebbles are poured into the fruit. Moreover, the amount of pebbles is always different, so that each maraca makes its own special sound. After that, a handle was attached to the fetus, for which it was convenient to hold it. Maracas were painted in bright colors or carved with drawings.

At first, maracas were used by North American and South American Indians during ritual ceremonies and dances. Shaking the maracas over the body of a fellow tribesman, the shaman determined by sound that he was in pain. Over time, the ritual connotation became a thing of the past, and maracas became an indispensable noise instrument throughout Latin America in more modern dances: tango, rumba, etc.