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Cello Coloring Pages

Today we are finishing the heading of musical instruments with a truly elegant and very attractive instrument – the cello. And so let’s start coloring the cello, and of course, a little history of this instrument. Let’s go.

The cello is an instrument of amazing beauty and richness of timbre. Surprisingly, before Beethoven, the classical composer, the authors did not attach much importance to its expressiveness. However, having received recognition in the works of Beethoven, the cello took an important place in the works of romantics and composers of the 20th century.

Having a thick, rich, melodious, soulful sound, the cello resembles the timbre of a human voice. Sometimes, during solo performances, it seems that she is talking, chanting with you. Thanks to its rich and deep sound, it is able to convey tenderness, sadness, sadness, even despair, and in this it has no equal.

Unlike the violin and viola, to which it looks very similar in appearance, the cello is not held in the hands, but placed vertically. It is interesting that at one time they played it while standing, placing it on a special chair, only later a spire was invented, which rests on the floor, thereby supporting the instrument.

Outwardly, the cello looks like a large violin. It consists of a body with a top and bottom soundboard, a neck on which the strings are stretched, and screws for adjusting the string tension.
The bow, just like a violin, has a wooden cane on which horse hair (natural or artificial) is pulled.