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Horse Coloring Pages

Many children love horses, because they are beautiful, graceful animals that also ride children on their backs or in a carriage. They come in four basic colors – red, gray, bay and black. Coloring a horse will help your child learn and remember what a horse of a certain breed looks like. The coloring offers images of large horses, little ponies, magical unicorns, fabulous pegasus. This universal horse coloring book is suitable for both boys and girls, so it will be interesting for them to get to know this dynamic and energetic animal.

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Puppy coloring pages

The puppy is the most faithful four-legged friend of man, so every child dreams of having a small dog, with which he would be friends, play, walk, feed. Coloring a puppy will give the child the opportunity to learn about the varieties of dogs, their cubs, the biological characteristics of each. Several groups of dog breeds are classified: hunting, sled, terriers, hounds, decorative. Coloring a little puppy will teach a child how to distinguish a puppy of one breed from another by the appearance of the coat, the shape of the tail, paws, teeth, ears and will allow you to create your own image of a baby dog.

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