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Table tennis coloring pages

Today we will color everything related to table tennis: players, tennis tables and rackets, we want you to study in detail the elements of this sport. Go! 🙂

A bit of history about table tennis. How did table tennis begin?

Not a single person will say exactly where this sport originates from. There are 16th century images from France and England of people playing ball with rackets. The generally accepted theory is that table tennis originated in England at the end of the 19th century on the basis of a big brother and quickly gained popularity. At first they played outdoors, and then indoors.

The then table tennis was very different from the modern one. They played in teams of five, and at first without using professional tennis tables. Then they played on two tables at some distance from each other, then they were moved and the net was set. They began to play one on one and pair versus pair. They played with a cork ball and stringed rackets. In 1894, a light celluloid ball, a plywood racket appeared, and the game changed. The game has become more dynamic and easier.

The rules for scoring have changed over time. Only in 1926 the system was brought into a unified form – they played up to 21 points and three victorious games. At first, the game was very simplistic – the ball just threw to the other side. In the 30s of the last century, after the appearance of a rubber pad on the racket, table tennis was transformed. The ball is now possible to spin and cut. At the same time, table tennis gained massive popularity – up to 10 thousand people gathered for matches.