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Carrot coloring pages

Today we will again look at the topic of vegetables and the carrot will be the next vegetable that we will paint. When my child and I go to the zoo, we always take a carrot to feed the animals. And since childhood, everyone knows that carrots are a favorite treat for rabbits and hares. 🙂 And so let’s go guys.

Carrots are one of the most widely known and popular root vegetables. Humanity has been growing it for at least four thousand years, and over the centuries many varieties of this plant have been bred. Historians believe that carrots first became known to people in Afghanistan, where many different varieties of it still grow. Did you know that at first, carrots were grown only for the sake of their seeds and leaves? Below are some more informative facts.

The first wild carrots humans found were purple and bitter enough for any modern foodie to spit them out. Later, through selection, people received the already familiar orange or pinkish roots that taste good.

Carrots are one of the 10 most important vegetable crops in the world – thousands of tons of this root crop are grown annually (in 2016, for example, more than 42 thousand tons, of which 20 thousand tons – in China). This is not surprising, because people and animals consume it no less actively – for example, the diet of elephants kept in zoos includes up to five kilograms of carrots every day.

The longest carrot ever grown by humans is 5.84 meters. The giant was dug up in one of the gardens in South Wales (Great Britain), but its weight was not the greatest – a record-breaking root crop weighing 8.61 kilograms was born in Alaska in 1988.