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Cabbage coloring pages

Continuing the theme of vegetables and fruits, and for this we will paint cabbage, this wonderful vegetable is also loved by bunnies and rabbits. As for my children, they also adore cabbage 🙂 And so let’s start coloring.

A bit of history about cabbage.
In ancient Egypt, cabbage was served only on the table of the pharaohs, it was considered a delicacy. But it was supposedly started to ferment in China. At the time when the Great Wall of China was being erected, builders were fed sauerkraut with the addition of caraway seeds, dill and celery. It was believed that such food gives people strength and relieves fatigue. Even the famous ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras was engaged in the cultivation of cabbage. He assured that this vegetable maintains fun and cheerfulness, and also calms the nerves.
The ancient Greeks and Romans grew no more than a dozen varieties of cabbage. In the nineteenth century, there were already about thirty, and now there are more than a hundred.