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Helicopter coloring pages

Today we will devote the post to coloring pages for boys, because everything that concerns technology and transport is undoubtedly their theme. Helicopter, here is the hero of our today’s coloring. Let’s go friends.

Like an airplane held in the air by its wings, a helicopter takes off with large diameter propellers. Such a propeller is called carrier. The propeller has blades, each of which has an aerodynamic profile and, when the propeller rotates, moves in the air flow. When the propeller rotates, an aerodynamic force is applied to each blade. The force of each blade is added up and applied to the entire rotor, and through it to the entire helicopter. This force is always perpendicular to the plane of rotation of the screw. Thus, the helicopter is provided with vertical take-off.

History reference

The helicopter, like many inventions of the early XX century, was described in his writings by Leonardo da Vinci. According to his drawings, the machine was to be driven by the force of four people, and the screw structure, covered with fabric, served as a supporting surface. However, there is a version that da Vinci was not a pioneer in this area, since according to descriptions as early as 400 AD. in China there was a toy with a propeller that could fly up.

Since the end of the 19th century, engineers around the world have tried to design an apparatus that could take off and be controlled. Pilotability and takeoff weight proved to be the most difficult to solve during test trials. Most often, testers achieved only one of two criteria, with the result that their attempts were unsuccessful.

The first to come close to a successful helicopter design was Paul Cornu in 1907. His apparatus rose to a height of 50 m and stayed in the air for 2 seconds.