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Cadillac coloring pages

Today we will paint cars again, this time we have a Cadillac brand, any American boy knows what a Cadillac is and knows that these are luxury cars. In addition to the coloring, there are some interesting facts about this car brand. Let’s go guys.

Cadillac is an American luxury car company whose main markets are the United States and Canada.

The Cadillac Automobile Company is a passenger car company founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1902. The first manager was Henry Leland (1843-1932), an American engineer and inventor.

In the usual scenario, most American car companies were named after their discoverers, but Leland did a different thing: the Cadillac car was named after the founder of the city of Detroit, the French colonial commander Antoine Lome de Lamotte-Cadillac.

In the first half of the 20th century, Cadillac was bought by the General Motors automobile corporation, Henry Leland remained the manager at the request of the President of GM.

Leland, being a first-class engineer, was very demanding about the quality of the parts produced, so the cars produced under the Cadillac brand were highly reliable and durable.

He produced his first car in the fall of 1902. At that time, the car had a capacity of 10 hp. Cadillac immediately intrigued many connoisseurs of cars, and received several thousand orders for their production.