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Bmw x5 coloring pages

And now one of the most popular BMW X5 models has come, which has been produced and sold all over the world for more than 21 years, for boys of all ages this model is cult and desirable. Today we will color it, take pencils and markers in our hands and go.

The BMW X5, which debuted in 1999, became the brand’s first production SUV. The production of cars was carried out at factories in the United States and Mexico.

When creating the car, the experience of the British company Rover owned by the Bavarians, which produced Land Rover SUVs, was used. The X5 had a permanent all-wheel drive system (62% of the torque was transmitted to the rear wheels) and air suspension on all wheels.

The base BMW X5 was equipped with in-line six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, while the more powerful version had a V8 4.4 petrol engine under the hood developing 286 hp. from. In 2002, a “charged” version of the BMW X5 4.6is with an eight-cylinder 347 horsepower engine entered the market. Transmissions – mechanical or automatic.

As a result of restyling in 2003, the crossover received an updated design, an upgraded 4.4 engine and a new V8 4.8 engine with 360 hp. from. At the same time, the car got a new xDrive all-wheel drive transmission with a clutch in the front wheel drive.

The second-generation BMW X5 crossover, which was released in 2006, became larger than its predecessor, acquired an optional third row of seats and lost versions with a manual transmission. The car received modern electronic systems: active steering, electronically controlled shock absorbers, adjustable stabilizers, but the air suspension was now only on the rear axle.

The third generation of the BMW X5 crossover entered the assembly line of the plant in South Carolina, USA in 2013. A year later, the assembly of cars for the Russian market began in Kaliningrad.

The car was created on the modernized platform of its predecessor, it retained the same dimensions, air suspension at the rear and an optional third row of seats.

The fourth generation of the X5 began production from 2018 to the present.