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Astronomy coloring pages

Today we present you coloring pages from educational topics, space science – astronomy. Also, as always, there is little information about this science. Let’s go guys.

Astronomy (from ancient Greek. Ἄστρον – “star” and νόμος – “law”) is the science of the Universe, which studies the location, movement, structure, origin and development of celestial bodies and systems.
In particular, astronomy studies the Sun and other stars, planets of the solar system and their satellites, exoplanets, asteroids, comets, meteoroids, interplanetary matter, interstellar matter, pulsars, black holes, nebulae, galaxies and their clusters, quasars and much more.

Astronomy is one of the oldest and oldest sciences. It arose from the practical needs of humanity.

Since there have been people on Earth, they have always been interested in what they saw in the sky. Even in ancient times, they noticed the relationship between the movement of heavenly bodies in the sky and periodic changes in the weather. Astronomy was then thoroughly mixed with astrology.

By the arrangement of the stars and constellations, primitive farmers determined the onset of the seasons. The nomadic tribes were guided by the Sun and the stars. The need for chronology led to the creation of the calendar. Even prehistoric people knew about the main phenomena associated with the rising and setting of the Sun, the Moon and some stars. The periodic recurrence of eclipses of the Sun and Moon has been known for a very long time. Among the oldest written sources, there are descriptions of astronomical phenomena, as well as primitive calculation schemes for predicting the time of rising and setting of bright celestial bodies, methods of timing and keeping a calendar.