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Pinocchio coloring pages

Love Disney cartoons? I am sure that – YES 🙂 Then I’m glad to introduce today the hero from the Disney cartoon – Pinocchio! In childhood, many children read a fairy tale about a boy with a long nose, it’s time for us to paint our hero. Come on guys.

Pinocchio is a character from Carlo Collodi’s fairy tale “The Adventures of Pinocchio. The history of the wooden doll “(Italian. Le avventure di Pinocchio. Storia d’un burattino).
Among the most famous illustrators of Pinocchio were Roberto Innocenti and Libico Maraya (1955). His other popular metamorphoses can be seen in the Walt Disney cartoon, as well as in the film by Roberto Benigni.
A feature of the character was that his nose grew longer every time he lied. In Tuscan dialect “Pinocchio” means “pine nut”.

The blue fairy brought the puppet to life, but to become a real person, the hero needs to show his courage and honesty in good deeds. And so the long-nosed fidget and his conscientious friend, the cricket Jiminy Cricket, set off to meet the most incredible adventures.

They will meet the evil puppeteer Stromboli, take a look at the deceiving Island of Pleasures, where naughty boys are turned into donkeys for sale, and even visit the belly of a monstrous whale that swallowed Pinocchio’s father, master Gepetto.