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Peter Rabbit Coloring Pages

The hero of our today’s coloring is a mischievous Peter rabbit who fights his sworn enemy the farmer Mr. McGregor. All children love this rabbit and they are happy to paint his character at home. Let’s go paint our rabbit. 🙂

Here’s a little about the plot of the cartoon.
The film begins with a confrontation between the old farmer McGregor and the mischievous bunny Peter. What the old man did not do to lime the rabbits! Once he managed to catch his rabbit father and make a meat pie out of him. Shortly after this tragedy, the mother of the rabbit family, Josephine, died, and Peter the rabbit became the head of the family. He could not sit still and often raided McGregor’s garden, only he did it more cunningly than his dad.

During the next attempt by McGregor to catch Peter, the farmer suffers a heart attack and dies. His heir is his young nephew Thomas McGregor, who lives in London, and he did not even know his uncle. Rabbit Peter with his sisters and animal friends threw a party at the house of the deceased farmer, but upon arrival, Thomas realizes that they still have an enemy named McGregor, and begin to do nasty things to the young heir.