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Marvel coloring pages

Coloring pages from cartoons and films created by Marvel Studio. Perhaps there are those who are just as interested in some facts about Marvel films as I am?

Marvel employees received a letter requesting help from the mother of 4-year-old boy Anthony Smith. The child almost completely lost his hearing, and he needed to wear a hearing aid, but he refused to do this, since superheroes do not use such devices. Marvel immediately remembered one of the comics about Hawkeye when he was forced to wear a hearing aid due to injury. The artists drew a special issue, combining Hawkeye with a new character The Blue Ear, modeled after Anthony, who said: “Thanks to my device, I can hear calls for help from everyone in trouble!” Having received these drawings as a gift from Marvel, the boy began to put on the device with pleasure.
In the early 90s, Michael Jackson tried to buy Marvel … just to play Spider-Man in a movie he produced …
As you know, there are a lot of strange laws in the USA. One such law imposes an additional duty on imports of toys that resemble humans, which are not applicable to other toys. Marvel successfully proved in court that their X-Men toys are MUTANTS, thereby saving themselves from additional taxes.
In the 1970s, Planned Parenthood collaborated with Marvel Comics to release a bizarre Spider-Man video that was supposed to scare teenagers away from unprotected sex.
The search for young actors for the role of Harley, the boy Tony Stark meets in Tennessee, was conducted across the country. As a result, the role was given to the young actor Ty Simpkins, whose interaction with Robert Downey Jr. during the trial impressed the creators of the picture. It’s not hard to imagine how surprised Ty was when Robert Downey Jr. called him personally to inform him that he had been approved for the role.