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Elmo coloring pages

Sesame Street, Sesame Street … Exactly, Elmo is who we wanted to tell you about and print for your children the main character of the TV show of the 70s of the last century. Elmo’s coloring pages are collected on the page for you, read the post to the end and you will find out interesting facts.

Elmo appeared in Sesame Street in the late 1970s, but took the leading roles much later. Over time, the high-pitched red monster became one of the show’s most recognizable characters alongside Cookie Monster, Grover, and others. Its popularity can still be seen now: on June 1, HBO Max launched its streaming service, and one of the launch projects was the “Not Very Late Show” program with Elmo as host.

But for the Internet, Elmo is not only the hero of Sesame Street, but also the hero of the Elmo Rise meme. In 2012, the CakeWrecks baking forum posted a cake for a kid with Elmo throwing his hands up in the air. A year later, the photo was shared on Tumblr, and there users made a GIF out of it, removing the rest of the cake and adding flames to the background.

So Elmo became a symbol of those who want to see the “world on fire”, and over the next seven years, dozens of GIF variations appeared.