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Dragon ball z coloring pages

We present you coloring pages from the cult Japanese anime series Dragon ball z, color the main character and his friends for free on our website, read the post to the end and you will learn interesting facts about this cartoon.

Due to the success of the anime in the United States, the manga chapters making up its story were initially released by Viz Media under the Dragon Ball Z title. Dragon Ball Z’s popularity has spawned numerous releases which have come to represent the majority of content in the Dragon Ball franchise; including 15 movies, 2 TV specials, and 148 video games (many of them being only released in Japan), and a host of soundtracks stemming from this material. Dragon Ball Z remains a cultural icon through numerous adaptations and re-releases, including a more-recent remastered broadcast titled Dragon Ball Kai. [a] There have also been two sequel series, Dragon Ball GT (1996–1997) and Dragon Ball Super (2015–2018).  -wikipedia


Characters in Universe 6 are parallels to characters in the Dragon Ball universe: Champa is a parallel to his brother Beer. It was named after “champagne”, parallel to the Beerus, named after “beer.” Vados is a parallel to her brother Vis. Shs was named after the apple brandy “Calvados”, in parallel with Whis being named after “whiskey”. The peaceful Sayan Kabbah is a parallel to the warlike Sayan race. It was named for “cabbage”, after the Saiyans, named after vegetables. Frost and Hit are parallels with the villain Freiza. While Frost was named after the Frieza race, named for items associated with cold, Heath was named for “heat.” This hints that Frost is a villainous character and Heath is a heroic character. (The hit also parallels Frieza’s brother Cooler, as both characters share similar design and personality traits)
All the Gods of Destruction are named after alcoholic drinks: from Universe 1, Ivan is named after the “wine” from Universe 2, Helles is named after the German lager Hellesfrom from Universe 3, Mosco is named after the Muscat grape wine from Universe 4, Quitela is named after honor the Mexican word “tequila” from Universe 5, Arak is named after the Arabian wine “arak” from universes 6 and 7, Champa and Beerus are named after “champagne” and “beer” from universe 8, Liquir is named after “liquor” from Universe 9, Cidra is named after “cider” from Universe 10, Rumush is named after “rum” from Universe 11, Vermuda is named after “vermouth” from Universe 12, Jin is named after “gin”