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Belle coloring pages

This series of coloring pages is dedicated to the heroine of the cartoon “Beauty and the Beast” produced by Disney, reading the post to the end you will find out what qualities Belle has.

Description of the heroine.

She is a tall and slender girl with fair skin, long brown hair usually braided in a ponytail, hazel eyes, full pink lips and a noticeable blush.
What she wears in the film adaptation.
Belle wears a blue dress with white sleeves and a collar, a blue ribbon in her hair, and black shoes at the beginning of the film. Going in search of her father, she puts on a black cape with a hood.
During her stay at Beast Castle, Belle tried on a green dress with lantern sleeves and a darker bodice, as well as a green bow and shoes.
Belle for a walk in winter. On a walk in the winter garden, she wears a pink dress of a similar style, there are ruffles on the sleeves, and a red warm cape with white fur on top.
For the ball, the heroine dresses in a yellow fluffy dress with a large neckline. Part of the hair is collected in a “bump”. The girl also wears pearl earrings and beads.

What else do we know about Belle ?!
Belle is a young girl from a French village. She is very brave, intelligent and compassionate. She loves reading more than anything else. Self-education and mental organization helps her to discern beauty where there is none at first glance. More than anything, Belle wants adventure in order to escape from the bourgeois life of the village, as well as find a friend who understands her.
Belle’s strength lies not in her physical abilities, but in the mind and intelligence of the girl. Thanks to the books she read, she has a wide vocabulary. She even uses complex words appropriately and does not confuse their meanings. Belle also reads very quickly. She has a beautiful voice and sings well.
Belle is beautiful, but she is not proud of it. In doing so, Belle uses her natural charm to her advantage. She easily finds a common language with completely different people.
Belle is very good at riding. Despite her fragile physique, she can be repeatedly seen to be able to lift weights.