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Turtle coloring pages

Slow but very wise creatures are turtles. We would like to suggest that you color the turtles as you wish, the main thing is not to forget colored pencils or felt-tip pens. Let’s go guys.

Turtles are some of the cutest creatures in the sea!
Some people like to keep them as pets if it’s a tiny turtle, and a huge turtle is no exception.
Let’s find out some facts about these beautiful reptiles that will make you love them even more!
As adaptive creatures, turtles can survive in almost any environment.
Although most species are found in Southeast America and South Asia, they can still be found in other parts of the world.
Sea turtles can sometimes be found in the European Arctic, but they are not found in the Antarctic.
The leatherback turtle is the most common turtle that crosses the Arctic Circle and as far south as New Zealand.
Despite the fact that they seem to remain underwater for an enormous amount of time, turtles can definitely drown. Anything without gills can drown!
In general, turtles can hold their breath for 30 minutes. But of course, with hundreds of species, this can vary.
It also depends on location and water temperature.
Turtles are one of those animals that live longer in the wild. In captivity, their longest lifespan can be 10 to 80 years!
However, wild sea turtles take a very long time to grow up! They do not reach reproductive maturity for almost 50 years.
In general, sea turtles can live for about 150 years.
However, scientists find it difficult to determine the age of a turtle, so some sea turtles may even be 400-500 years old!