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Penguin coloring pages

Today we will paint the penguins, these winter creatures. Each child associates a penguin with the cold and possibly with an popsicle 🙂 Let’s not waste time and start coloring the penguins. Let’s go guys.

Astonishing facts about penguins that you did not know.

Fact 1. There are 18 species of penguins in the world, and there are both similarities and differences between them. The largest of them, the imperial ones, grow up to 110-120 cm, and the smallest, the smallest – only up to 30-33. All of them spend a significant part of their life in the water, and the only exception is the magnificent penguin that lives in New Zealand, which rarely leaves the land. In addition, this is the only species whose representatives do not stray into large colonies, but live separately.

Fact 2. The legs of penguins really do not freeze, because the skin on them is very thick, and there are very few nerve endings in it. These birds, standing on the ice, hardly feel the cold, and in the icy water of the Southern Ocean they are protected by a thick layer of fat and feathers, which are very tightly attached to the body, it is generally impossible to wet them. Penguins inhabiting Antarctica are able to survive at temperatures down to -60 C! Although in such conditions they have to be inventive. To warm up, on land, they stray into a large crowd, in the center of which it is always warm. Warmed individuals move from the center of the penguin flock to the edge, making room for frozen relatives.

Fact 3. The worst enemies of penguins are killer whales, which often hunt them. And since these sea predators are not visible under water, groups of penguins often stand on the edge of the ice floe for a long time, not daring to jump into the water. The denouement comes when one brave bird still dares to do this, and if she does not die, all the others follow her example.

Fact 4. On land, penguins do not feel very confident. Clumsy and slow, they waddle around, avoiding snow, into which they easily fall. However, they know how to move through the snow, lying on it with their stomachs and pushing off with their wings, like oars. And in the water, penguins transform at all, and there is no trace of their clumsiness.

Fact 5. These birds feed mainly on fish, and, hunting for it, they can dive 150-200 meters under water. Moreover, in the water they move very quickly and dexterously, developing a decent speed. The fastest swimmer is the gentoo penguin, which can swim at speeds up to 35 km / h. This is comparable to the flight speed of the titmouse, which is widespread in Russia. The diving record belongs to the emperor penguins, who can hold their breath for 15-18 minutes and dive 500-530 meters under water.