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Peacock coloring pages

The peacock is considered to be one of the most beautiful birds in the world. Small, resembling a chicken, but with a magnificent fan-tail. I think in the modern world these birds can be seen only in zoos, if you have not taken children there yet, then I advise you to go and show these beautiful creatures. And now we take markers in our hands and paint our peacocks forward. 🙂

Peacocks need tail plumage not only for charming females. The spots on the feathers resemble eyes, and the bird uses this for protection. The predator hesitates to mess with the bird when a hundred eyes are looking at him. Peacocks themselves are also predators. They hunt snakes, not afraid to engage in a fight with a five-meter cobra. At the same time, birds with a lush tail are unpretentious to living conditions, and can adapt to any environment. We have collected for you the most unusual and amazing facts about peacocks.
Here are 7 more amazing facts about the peacock.
The body length of a peacock is about a meter. Together with the tail, the peacock is three times longer.
Peacocks in the East were considered a symbol of royalty and were sacred birds. Therefore, they lived at every palace or temple.
Peacocks’ tail does not grow from birth. It begins to grow back at the age of 3-4 years.
The homeland of peacocks is Asia. But there is also a peacock population in Africa.
It is believed that peacocks can only walk on the ground. But they are also capable of flying. The long tail does not bother them at all.
Peacocks are real long-livers. In nature, they live for about 20 years, and in captivity they can live for half a century.
Peacock feathers are a popular home decoration, there were times when they were in almost every apartment. To get them, not a single bird was killed. Peacocks molt once a year, dropping their tail completely. Therefore, they are always so bright.