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Owl coloring pages

Today we bring to your attention coloring pages of owls, these cute and eternally sleeping birds attract our kids. Children want to learn more about them, we will help to do this with the help of coloring pages. Let’s go!

Here are 5 fun facts about owls!
1. The special plumage, which other birds do not possess, allows owls to fly absolutely silently. This helps them hunt at night, when everything is quiet around and any sound is heard many times stronger than during the day.
2. The majority of these predators stay awake at night and sleep during the day. An interesting fact is that the snowy owl is the main exception to this rule. She gets her own food only during the day, living in snow-covered areas and at the same time having a snow-white color, which allows her to merge with the environment.
3. The specific structure of the body allows the bird to turn its head by as much as 270 degrees, and this is because they cannot move their eyes, always looking only straight.
4. The only species that can eat plants is the elf owl.
5. Among the interesting facts about short-eared owls, the key one is that they are one of the few animals that are completely monogamous. Once they choose a soul mate for themselves, they stay with her for the rest of their lives.