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Monkey coloring pages

Color the monkeys and have a lot of fun. Also, amazing facts about monkeys are waiting for you, read the post to the end and you will learn a lot of new things.

As promised now, interesting facts:

In total, 160 species of monkeys live on the planet. From real giants – two-meter gorillas – to crumbs: dwarf marmosets no more than 15 cm tall. Monkeys are very closely watching their own appearance and spend the fifth part of the day for “cosmetic procedures”. Moreover, they do not look after themselves specifically, but for each other. And these animals really like to admire their own reflection in the mirror. Males take the same active part in raising offspring, as females. And, unlike many of their relatives of the kind “reasonable man”, they do not consider it shameful or “unworthy of a real man.” It is generally accepted that their main home is a tree. Not entirely true, although these anthropoids do live and spend a lot of time on them. Representatives of macaques, chimpanzees and lemurs willingly descend to the ground. Exclusively terrestrial monkeys – hamadryas and baboons. But gibbons, howler monks and saimiri can really only be found on tree crowns. Representatives of orangutans, for example, climb to the ground under cover of darkness to get a good night’s sleep. But only if they do not find a suitable place in the trees. The gorilla family is a typical example of polygamy. The male lives with several females at once, which bring him offspring. In addition to sexual characteristics, the father of the family can be distinguished by size (females are half the size), as well as by the characteristic white hair on the back. The monkey can often be seen yawning. But this does not mean that the animal is tired and wants to sleep. On the contrary: it is set up aggressively and ready to rush into battle. If the yawn is directed at you, it’s best to retreat. Chimpanzees are known to us as fruit eaters. Indeed, fruit is the main food in their diet. But if it is not there, monkeys can have a snack on a caught insect and even a smaller congener. For example, these hunters strike the primates of the galago with the likeness of spears – twigs that they sharpen with their teeth. Scientists note that chimpanzees have a sense of beauty like no other monkey. For example, these animals can watch the sunset in fascination. Baboons for the elongated shape of the muzzle are called “dog-headed monkeys”.

They feel very comfortable on the ground and only in case of extreme danger they take refuge in trees or rocks. Male baboons are real fighters, even especially fanged predators, such as leopards, are afraid of them. The howler monkey was named because of the terrifying cry it emits. The reason for such loud and unpleasant sounds is in the structure of her throat. The enlarged throat bones form a hollow sound chamber that acts as a resonator. The roar of the monkey is so loud that it can be heard three kilometers away. Monkeys of the New and Old World differ in the number of teeth. The first grows 28, the second, like humans, – 32. Male primates, like their human relatives, are characterized by baldness. Most monkeys are thermophilic, with the exception of the rhesus monkey and the Japanese monkey in the Himalayas. The latter wears such a warm fur coat that he can easily survive even the most severe winters on the islands. The urge to mate is not seasonally related. They acquire offspring all year round. Macaques have excellent learning abilities. In one of the experiments conducted by Japanese scientists, the monkeys living by the river were left dirty sweet potato tubers on the banks. The animals first brushed off the dirt with their hands, but then they learned to wash vegetables in water.

A scientist gorilla named Coco lives at Stanford University. She understands sign language and the meaning of approximately 2,000 words of English. The monkey can talk about his feelings and even jokes quite well. After Koko was tested for IQ, it turned out that her intelligence is quite equal to the level of the average American.