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Funny ostrich coloring sheet

A funny story about an ostrich.
This story happened in 2005, and our main character was 6 years old at that time.

Let’s call our hero Michael.So, Michael went with the class to the city zoo. Well, what zoos were then: goats, horses of different colors, birds in cramped cages, and the most exotic animals there were ostriches. These are the same ostriches that Michael liked the most. He looked, looked out for the most beautiful ostrich and found, takes out his phone to take a picture.The camera on the phone was very bad, but they were content with what it was.Here is a cherished moment, the phone is directed directly at the ostrich and Michael is pushed by a classmate. The precious phone falls right into the territory of the ostriches.

The boy was very scared, because the phone was expensive, his mother would scold him a lot. The decision was made very quickly, classmates helped Michael get over the fence and get into the enclosure to save the phone. The special operation was carried out in secret, none of the adults should have known about it, including the teacher.Phone saved, Michael returned to class, here it is – a happy ending.

And the next day, the news showed how an ostrich almost pecked a child.