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Fox coloring pages

Oh, these cunning foxes, in all fairy tales for children, they are the most insidious of all animals. We want to present you cool fox coloring pages, take colored pencils and go guys.

Before you start coloring, learn some fun facts about foxes.
1. Dogs and foxes are rather close relatives and belong to the same family – canines. The genus of foxes is quite extensive: there is an American, and Afghan, and Tibetan fox, and sandy, and South African, and Bengal, and Fenech fox, which in Arabic also means a fox.
2. The fox is a predatory animal and lives in nature by hunting. She hunts at night, especially actively from midnight to dawn, which gave rise to an abundant folklore about werewolf foxes. Nature has wonderfully equipped the fox for night hunting: she sees perfectly in the dark, because her eyes have special cells that reflect light and double the brightness of the image. And the fox’s hearing is excellent – she hears the rustling of a mouse or a worm in the grass.
3. Like a human being, a fox is monogamous, like a dog, it brings several puppies, and just like humans, foxes are cared for by both parents.
4. In Spanish, a fox is “zorro”, so the famous movie hero had the prose “Fox”, which apparently indicated his dexterity and cunning.
5. On the territory of Jordan, archaeologists discovered a grave with the remains of a man and his fox, apparently tame. If archaeologists are right, then ancient people tried to domesticate foxes even earlier than dogs.
6. In Japan and China, foxes were considered werewolves, capable of bewitching a person and depriving him of his will. The main ability of the fox in the mythology of these countries is to take on a human form.