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Flamingo coloring pages

I first saw these magnificent birds at the zoo in Prague, then the child said, what are these beautiful creatures? Indeed, these are magnificently beautiful birds, I would even say forever in love couples. Today we continue a series of coloring pages from the category of animals – this is a flamingo. Let’s paint them with bright pink markers, as they appear to us in nature.

In addition to coloring flamingos, we will tell you 5 interesting facts about flamingos.

Flamingos are pink-winged birds common in Asia, Africa and America. The features of the life of these animals are amazing.
1. Flamingos belong to the group of the oldest birds in the world. Archaeological excavations have shown that the ancestors of modern flamingos lived 50 million years ago.
2. The unusual color of the flamingo plumage is due to nutrition. Animal food contains substances that color the feathers of the animal pink.
3. Flamingos can live in difficult natural conditions. Birds tolerate sudden temperature changes well, settle near alkaline and extremely salty lakes.
4. Flamingos are a bird with a good appetite. On the day, the animal eats an amount of food equal to a quarter of its body weight.
5. Due to the physiological features of the structure of the joints, flamingos do not need to exert muscle efforts in order to stand on one leg for a long time.