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Cow coloring pages

Today we devote the post to cows, and present you 10 cool coloring pages that you can print and decorate with colored pencils for free and please your parents. And also, as always, interesting facts about cows that you hardly knew 🙂

In the article, we will consider several facts about the cow – an animal that in some countries is even considered a saint for religious views. Be that as it may, cows, like other living creatures of this world, are worthy of at least respect. Any vegetarian would probably agree with this.

So the cow:

  1. Has an almost panoramic, 360-degree view, which allows her to observe the approach of a person or a predator from all sides.
  2. Cattle cannot distinguish between red. The crimson flags that matadors use to draw the bull’s attention during rodeos actually turn the bull up not because of the color, but because of the fabric waving in front of him.
  3. Has a very keen sense of smell and can smell up to six miles away, which also helps her recognize danger.
  4. Has no upper front teeth. She chews the grass by squeezing the hard upper palate with her lower teeth.
  5. Moves his jaw about 40,000 times a day, chewing grass about 40 times a minute.
  6. A dairy cow consumes more than 45 kg of food per day and drinks up to 150 liters of water.
  7. Doesn’t like to be alone. If a cow seeks to isolate herself, it means that she is either not feeling well or is about to give birth.
  8. In India, for killing or wounding a cow, a person can go to jail. The Hindu followers consider the cow to be a sacred animal.