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Cheetah coloring pages

The cheetah is the most beautiful and agile animal, the fastest runner on earth, who, in pursuit of prey, is able to run for some time at a speed of 120 km / h. Today we will be happy to color these spotted animals with colored pencils. Come on guys.

Here are some interesting facts about cheetahs.
The African cheetah is born with a mane on its head, but over time it disappears. Black tear streaks stretch from his eyes to the upper jaw, and from this it seems that the cheetah is very saddened by something. At first glance, the cheetah looks very awkward – an arched back, a wasp waist, thin legs, but as soon as it starts to run, it becomes the embodiment of graceful swiftness. The cheetah’s claws do not retract, they help change direction when running in the blink of an eye.
He hunts for antelope. Always knocks down the victim with one jump and kills them by biting the throat. The cheetah never eats carrion. Having eaten his fill of the just killed prey, he leaves the carcass to birds and jackals. Unlike lions, he does not guard her until the next dinner and, leaving, never returns to her. Cheetahs are lone hunters. Only occasionally do they hunt in pairs or family groups.
The cheetah can jump as much as eight meters. At short distances, it easily overtakes the racehorse. In ancient times, the rulers of India and Assyria specially arranged cheetah competitions. This was considered truly royal fun. There were many tame cheetahs at that time. They very often went out with them to hunt antelope. Cheetahs are very easy to tame and, despite their hunting skill, are affectionate and calm animals. There has not yet been a single case of a cheetah attacking a person.