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Camel coloring pages

Today is a day off and we want to present you a collection of camel coloring pages. These are funny and very hardy animals that were created to live in the desert and help local people to move and transport goods. And as always, interesting facts about camels await you. Let’s go guys.

As promised 5 facts about camels.
1. Camels are of two types: two-humped and one-humped. Both species were domesticated by humans about 6 thousand years ago.
2. Sandstorms, which often occur in deserts, are not terrible for a camel. In order to protect the eyes from the sand, the camel has thick eyelashes. And so that the sand does not get into the lungs, the camel knows how to tightly clamp the nostrils.
3. Camels are unusually hardy: they walk 40 km a day, carrying loads weighing up to 300 kg, and light they can walk over 100 km a day at a speed of 10-12 km / h. The maximum running speed of a camel is 25 km / h.
4. Camels can immediately replace a goat, a cow, a horse and a sheep, because they can provide a person with meat, milk, and wool, and, moreover, are an amazingly hardy means of transportation. The camel is called the “Ship of the Desert”.
5. Bactrian camels can very well tolerate not only heat, but also cold.