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Bee coloring pages

Today we’ll talk about bees and let the nude kids paint these funny and hardworking insects. Read the post to the end and you will find out some facts about which you never knew before.

A bee is a collective insect, so it cannot live long on its own. In large families, a bee lives longer, in small families, life is shorter.
The diet of bees is very limited. It is nectar, which is necessary to maintain energy, and pollen is a protein food.
However, bees cannot feed on pure nectar and pure pollen. Nectar undergoes a fermentation process, where complex sugars are broken down into simple ones, fructose and glucose, and pollen undergoes a lactic fermentation process, turning into bee bread.
Bees need a honeycomb for a full life. They build them from wax, which they themselves secrete.
Engineers all over the world are perplexed how such simple insects, which completely lack thinking, solved a complex problem in such a simple way. Namely, to arrange the maximum amount of brood, honey and bee bread in a solid structure, while using the minimum amount of material and labor costs. You must agree that hexagons (the shape of a bee cell) placed close to each other, where each wall is also the wall of the neighboring one, fully corresponds to the conditions of this problem.
Bees do not know how to talk – they transmit all this information by dancing. The dance of bees is quite complicated, but despite this, it is more than informative and has long been solved by scientists.