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Bear coloring pages

What do our children know about bears? Let’s tell them more …

Bears are considered a young animal, only about five million years old. If you compare with crocodiles, then green toothy predators appeared 83.5 million years ago. Even the smallest inhabitants of our planet know about the bear, from various fairy tales, cartoons, or have seen them in the zoo.
Bears are considered the owners of the forest. They live mainly in the north. In the southern hemisphere of our planet, they can also be found, however, there is another species of these animals. So, now there are only eight species of bears. Only a person can pose a danger to them, they are almost invulnerable to other inhabitants of the forest.
Here are some facts that you and your children hardly knew:
1. Bears swim well and can swim across a river or lake five or even more kilometers wide.
2. Cubs are born very small, much smaller than a newborn human baby. The weight of a newly born bear does not exceed one kilogram.
3. Bear’s milk is three times more caloric than cow’s milk.
4. Bears are good at climbing trees, but the branches and twigs of the tree can only support the weight of a young bear.
5. These mighty beasts feed mainly on plant foods: mushrooms and berries. Animal food in their diet is only 25%.
6. Bears run well, and, if necessary, the bear is capable of speeds up to 60 km / h.
7. The intelligence of bears is very highly developed. So, for example, to neutralize a hunting trap, they throw a stick at it.