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Betty Boop Coloring Pages

Children will ask you who is Betty Boop? And we will tell them and color the images with her with our favorite colored pencils, create a colored character from the black and white cinema of the 20th century.

On August 9, 1930, Max Fleischer’s studio released the soundtrack Dizzy Dishes. Lead animator Grim Natwick featured, among other characters, a poodle dog singing with a lively voice that mimics the singer Helen Kane. Actress Mae Queestel took over her voice acting.

In 1932, the singing dog was “humanized”. Dave Fleischer, Max’s brother, refined the look to make it downright sexy. For the first time in animation, Betty’s main feature was her femininity. With the release of the short film Minnie the Moocher, featuring Cab Calloway and his orchestra, a new name was established – Betty Boop. According to the authors’ official version, “she was always 16 years old”.

Two years later, the so-called Hayes Code began to operate in the United States – a set of rules about not showing in films, as a result of which Betty’s skirts became longer and the neckline disappeared altogether. Betty’s image faded – and with it the audience’s interest faded.

In 1988, sex symbol Betty returned to the screens in an episode of the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” In the film, she tells Detective Valiant that “things have been going really hard since color came into fashion. But everything that is needed is still with me! “